Little Trewern is named as the UK’s first Ofsted Free Zone!

From The Little Trewern Observer:

“The UK has is first Ofsted Free Zone.

Little Trewern, a traditional stone farmhouse and seven acres of beautiful countryside in south Herefordshire, has now been declared an Ofsted exclusion zone.

Little Trewern is the UK's first official Ofsted Free Zone!

Little Trewern is the UK’s first official Ofsted Free Zone!

The driving force behind this Ofsted Free Zone is our own Rhiannon Taylor, a retired secondary school headteacher. She has transformed her farm and traditional flower-meadows into a holiday hideaway, ideal for teachers (and their partners) who are seeking a peaceful retreat, free from the stresses of league tables and inspections.

Rhiannon  searched for three years before finding Little Trewern Farm in an idyllic location in Herefordshire, in sight of Offa’s Dyke and the border with Wales.

After renovating the beautiful stone farmhouse, Rhiannon and her husband created  a luxury ground-floor guest suite  which enjoys spectacular views of the Black Mountains. “The only sounds you hear at Little Trewern are the bird-song, the river and perhaps the woodpeckers. There is no road noise, no phone signal for 2 miles. It’s all about peace and relaxation”.

“When we opened in 2013, our first guest was a secondary headteacher. Now during half-term and school-holidays nearly all our guests are teachers”!

Rhiannon still works occasionally as a School Improvement Partner.”These day, even  supporting headteachers through Ofsted is stressful. So I breathe a sigh of relief as I drive home along the beautiful lanes that lead to Little Trewern, with its spectacular views of the Black Mountains –  and its signpost reminding me that I’ve returned to an Ofsted Free Zone!”

Of course, security is important at Little Trewern. The Ofsted Free Zone is patrolled night and day by Rhiannon’s two border collies, Jester and Leo. They guard the farm’s  woods and meadows against intruders armed with briefcases. They also inspect the morning’s post for suspicious brown envelopes.

Leo and Jester on the look-out for suspicious characters with briefcases

Leo and Jester on the look-out for suspicious characters loitering with briefcases

“I do expect more Ofsted Free Zones to be announced over the next 12 months” says Rhiannon. “You’d be amazed at how many headteachers have retired to live in remote rural areas!”

So why not join us at Little Trewern for a celebration of all things non-Ofsted?!

There’s more to life than league tables!”


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