Learn French at Little Trewern!

As a fluent French speaker from a Celtic-French family, I have been eager to launch our “holidays with a French theme”,  just as soon as possible after finishing the renovations  here!

My French family name is de Turckheim and we hail from the beautiful hamlet of Truttenhausen in Alsace, which has changed little since the 19th century. You will see the de Turckheim  name on the best white wines from this region, although my family are in fact renowned producers of organic Munster cheese! However, whilst I bow to the expertise of my cousins in cheese-making,  I do have over 35 years’ experience of teaching French, German and Spanish in the UK and abroad.

Truttenhausen in Alsace before WW1

My family’s home in Truttenhausen, in Alsace in the 19th century; it is little changed to this day!

So if you are a single person, or a couple, eager to learn French, why not combine a holiday in this beautiful part of the world, with a French language course which is tailored to your exact requirements?

Whether you are beginners or advanced students, keen to learn French for a job, or to go travelling, you will benefit enormously from having personal tuition, and the opportunity to focus upon your exact needs.

I can offer between two hours’ tuition, and four hours’ tuition each day, for a couple or a single person.  And guests can choose between staying at Little Trewern on full-board, or as Bed and Breakfast guests.

If you are a couple, then the rate for Bed and Breakfast and two hours’ tuition is £105.00 per day, or £55.00 per person. Each additional hour of tuition costs £20.00 up to a maximum of 4 hours per day.

And if you would like to make it even more fun, we can combine a French lesson with French cooking  and I can teach you how to make the very best of French pâtisserie, such as croissants, tartes tatin, clafoutis, éclairs, madeleines, petits fours, sweet pastry for fruit tartlets, and brioche and kugelhupf (which is typically Alsatian).

Making brioche at Little Trewern - six eggs from happy hens does help!

Making brioche at Little Trewern – six eggs from our happy hens does help!

So if you are interested in learning French, do contact me by phone or email, and we can explore what would be best for your particular needs.

Meilleures voeux,

Rhiannon Taylor



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