Bringing in the harvest

We have now gathered our first season of crops from the market garden here at Little Trewern. And the weight and quality of the produce has astonished us. From one seven square metre plot we brought in nearly a hundredweight of onions, both red and white, and now dried and braided, they are hanging in the barn. There is also remarkably little damage from onion fly, which plagued us in our Shropshire garden, although it may be that the onion fly have drowned during this year of record rainfall.

Just a few of the onions coming in from the vegetable garden

And despite frequent summer gales (which damaged our new greenhouse) and far less sunshine than we had ordered from the wholesalers, we have gathered in an excellent tomato crop, most of which goes into the Aga to slow roast with a sprinkling of fresh herbs, to make a delicious concentrate which is the basis of many dishes that we serve at Little Trewern.

Other good performers include raspberries, leeks, kale, runner and french beans, chard and peas, although the strawberries didn’t think much of the weather, and those that survived were gobbled by the slugs which arrived in amphibious trains all the way from Abergavenny.

Finally, I need to mention one source of food which we love here, and that is food from the hedgerows.

Food for free, which we gather whenever we are out walking

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