At the heart of Little Trewern is the kitchen!

When we moved into Little Trewern early in 2012, we had to make a decision about the kitchen. For us, the kitchen it is the heart of our home. We have always had a “farmhouse” kitchen, with a large table where the family gathers at mealtimes, even when we lived in a cottage! For this was very much a part of my family’s French heritage. But the main question for us here at Little Trewern was “to Aga” or “not to Aga”…..

The first Stollen of the winter comes out of the Aga

Simon, it has to be said, has always been skeptical about Agas, not least because he reckons they have dubious green credentials! On the other hand, because we virtually live in the kitchen, and I bake, cook and make preserves almost every day, the Aga really comes into its own, and very little of its heat is ever wasted. And there is no doubt that for almost every cook who has ever used an Aga, it is in a class of its own.

In the end,  we reached a compromise on sustainability by opting for an electric Aga which is largely powered by our solar panels. We do have propane gas for cooking, as well as oil for heating, but we use very little of either.

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