A Taste of France (French baking at Little Trewern)

Since opening in 2013, I have discovered that our guests are very partial to the “french-themed food” that comes from the farmhouse kitchen at Little Trewern!

Indeed many guests have asked for recipes and cooking tips, whilst others have asked if I could teach them how to make the croissants, the tartes tatins, the brioche, as well as the sweet and savoury eclairs that I serve here.

So our guests can now learn French pâtisserie skills whilst staying  at Little Trewern, thereby combining a holiday in our romantic hideaway with 1-1 or 1-2 tuition in “French baking” and Pâtisserie.
Learning French patisserie at Little Trewern

Learning French Patisserie at Little Trewern

There are two options: one course is focused upon Viennoiserie, and the other upon traditional Pâtisserie.

  • The Viennoiserie course includes Brioche, Croissants, Kugelhupf, Fougasse, and Rum baba/savarin.
  • The Pâtisserie course includes Éclairs – gâteau St Honoré, Tarte tatin (puff pastry), Macaroons, Pate sucrée.

Guests will need to book a minimum of two nights’ B&B, and the cost of the course is £105 for one person, or £115 for two. This price includes all ingredients and lunch on the middle day when we are busy baking.

The savarins just out of the oven!

The savarins just out of the oven!

You can choose to include an evening meal at Little Trewern, or broaden your horizons and eat out at our nearby French Restaurant, the local bistro in Peterchurch, or at the inns in Michaelchurch or Longtown.

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